DECA Horizontal Four Point Welding Machine (0.2mm/2mm Welding) HRW-3000BG

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DECA Horizontal Four Point Welding Machine (0.2mm/2mm Welding) HRW-3000BG


  • Latest Machine type used for top grade white profile and color profile welding automatically.


  • It can realize automatic conversion from 0.2mm to 2mm.
  • Horizontal lay and adopt the strengthened rigidity design, stable and reliable.
    • The head design with special rigidity, adopts super rigidity design can suit the requirement of color profile welding.
    • The moving part of head adopts square guide linear motion pare with stable and reliable performance.
    • Special Know-how technique keeps high corner strength and quality.
    • Profile fixture can be easy to change fast for top grade window and door production.
    • Imported whole CNC system and high-quality electrical and pneumatic system which makes it reliable.
    • Automatic size tolerance compensation, welding size with high precision.
    • Optimized program design with high production efficiency.
    • Special automatic profile un-loading device and reduce labor intensity.
    • It can be convenient for setting up automatic welding/ Cleaning production line.
    • Suitable for volume and high-quality production of PVC window and door.

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