DECA Two Head Seamless Welding Machine

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DECA Two Head Seamless Welding Machine


  • Used for top grade white profile and color profile welding.



  • The two head can work separately or corporately to make the ┏ 、┏┓ welding.
  • 2mm general welding and 0.2mm color profile seamless welding, is available and can be adjusted manually.
  • Super large welding range, wide adaptability.
  • Variable angle welding function in the right head.
  • The two heads adopt strong rigidity design which can ensure long time work stability.
  • The lathe bed and the heads adopt guide linear bearings, high precision.
  • Can install special fixture of the welding to increase welding strength and beautify the surface of the welding.
  • It has the clamp limit system, and should be operated by two hands to ensure the safety of the operator.
  • Adopt high quality electric, gas parts, which can ensure the long time stability.

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