Glass Straight-Line Edging Machine

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Glass Straight Line Edging Machine

A glass straight line edging machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the glass processing industry to precisely grind and polish the edges of glass panels or sheets to achieve a smooth and polished finish. These machines are essential for producing glass panels with straight, clean, and aesthetically pleasing edges.

This machine is suitable for edge and corner grinding of plate glass of different size and thickness,finishing coarse grinding,fine grinding and polishing at one time.The flat surface after polishing is close to bright and clean degree of glass matrix.
When adjusting different processing thickness (able to refer to data display instrument on front-axle beam),former chamfering grinding head can move simultaneously along with the front-axle beam.

It possesses the advantages of advanced structure,high working precision,easy operation and capacity of continuous processing for the same thickness,and thereby is necessary equipment for glass deep processing.


Glass thickness 3~25mm 
Numbers of Motor 9 pieces size 80*80mm 
Glass parallel error ±0.2mm/m size 3000*3000mm 
Glass diagonal error ±0.3mm/㎡
Glass transmission speed 0.7~7m/min 
Glass chamfering bevel error ±0.2mm/m
Bench height 750mm 
Bevel location error ±0.2mm/㎡
Total power 19.75Kw 
Overall dimension(mm) 6800*1000*2500
Color White Weight 3000kg

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