Four Head Welding Machine CNC

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◆The most advanced model in China. Can accomplish the rectangular frame welding at one time.
◆Horizontal layout design for the machine body with strengthened rigidity structure ensures the machine to run stably and reliably. 
◆Unique design of super rigidity on the welding head can definitely meet the European welding standard. 
◆Adopt the rigid clamping and limiting method on the locating plate and heating plate to ensure the mechanical precision.
◆Adopt square guide motion pair on all the feeding structures to ensure stable and reliable function.
◆Unique know-how improves the corner strength and quality of the welded product.
◆Quick-change welding fixture is very convenient for replacement and can improve efficiency as well as quality of finished window and door. 
◆Adopt the world famous brand product for whole set of control system as well as high quality electrical and pneumatic parts and components for reliable function. 
◆Optimized program design is for high production efficiency. 
◆Specific unloading device can accomplish automatic unloading to reduce the labor intensity.
◆Welding fixtures could be made to be double stack so as to improve the welding efficiency.
◆It is convenient to connect this welding machine with corner cleaning machine to be welding/cleaning line.
◆It is especially suitable for fabricating high-grade PVC window and door and being used in some big window and door factory with volume production.

◆ Voltage:           380V    50Hz(3phase, 4 line)         
◆Input Power:      About 13.24kW
◆  Air Pressure:       0.5~0.8MPa                    
◆Air Consumption:    160L/min
◆  Welding Height:     30~130mm                      
◆Max. Welding Width: 120mm
◆Welding Range:      450mm×540mm(380mm×380mm, when the width of sash   is less than 70mm.)~2100mm×3000mm
◆  Outer Dimension:    5200mm×5000mm×1600mm          
◆Weight:             2800kg  

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