UPVC Profile Cutting Center

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◆>Automatically do the cutting for 6 meter(236') long PVC profile
◆>For 45x45, 45×90, 90x90 cutting
◆>Hydro-pneumatic feeding system
◆>with roller type feeding table to save effort
◆>Quick-change cutting fixture
◆>With Roller type unloading table
◆>Quick-change manipulator (maximum could install 6 manipulators)
◆>loading table has 11 rack for installing fixtures. Turret type , every
◆rack can hold 4 fixtures to save time
◆>Feeding manipulator adopts high precision square linear guide
◆>With optimization function
◆>Precise servo drive and control
◆>17'screen with graphic interface for easy operation
◆>With vacuum dust collector
◆>Remote debugging
◆>Cutting data can be loaded by USB or internet

◆Power Voltage: 380V 3Phase 50Hz
◆Input Power: 9.5kW
◆Air Pressure: 0.5-0.8MPa
◆Air Consumption: 100L/min
◆Saw Blade Specification: 560(22)*25.4(1)*5(0.2)*120(teeth
◆Saw Blade Rotation Speed: 3000RPM
◆Profile Height: 203.2(8)*320(12.5)(90)
◆Profile Width: 320mm(12.5)
◆Profile Length: 500~6000mm(19.5'~236')
◆Machine Dimension: 11000x4500×2000 (mm)
◆Weight 2500kg

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